Real estate buyers need to think about these insurances

As before, the real estate market continues to experience high demand. Many households want to use the low mortgage rates to finance homes cheaply. However, many prospective buyers, as well as potential builders, must confess that they are not very well versed in real estate and therefore do not know what is important when buying a property and what consequences it entails. 

Therefore, it is not uncommon that the topic of real estate insurance is often overlooked. However, some of these insurance companies are extremely important. For those who forget their financial statements or consciously do without them, there is a high financial risk involved. The following is an overview of real estate insurance, which you should definitely complete as the owner.

Building insurance

Building insurance

The building insurance protects the residential building against damage such as fire and thunderstorms. Just imagine, it comes to a lightning strike and there is no insurance cover: If the building is destroyed, this would mean for the owner with high probability financial ruin.

Landowner liability


Even if you explicitly forbid other people from entering the property, this protection is important. There are risks that are not to be underestimated even then. A good example is roof tiles that come off in a storm and cause damage to the neighboring property. As an owner you are liable, so you have to pay in case of emergency. If there is a landlord liability insurance, the costs are borne by the insurer.



A household contents insurance must not be missing – even if your own household is not worth much. This protection is very important, especially with regard to the water pipes. The insurance not only carries costs associated with damage to household effects. Repair costs for water pipes or even the drying of damp walls are covered by the insurance.


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