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Are you in need of quick cash? Personal loan may be the best option. Offered by banks and financial institutions, it can be paid in a pre-established period, with the addition of interest and charges. But, without the need for a specific destination, as in financing.
In addition to this modality, there are other types available in Brazil, but with specific criteria. Research reveals that Brazilians borrow for various purposes, such as taking out more expensive debts, buying appliances, renovating the home, and even paying for day-to-day bills like rent, water and electricity.
We have listed for you the most popular types of loans in Brazil.


With the lowest interest rates on the market, this mode is the safest for banks and financials. Because the installments are debited directly in the INSS payroll or benefit. According to the Brazilian Federation of Banks, this is the most requested type of loan in the country. Data from the My Pocket Happy Portal reveals that 34% of Brazilians have already made payroll loans and most have used the money to pay other debts or credit cards.

Credit card

 Credit card

In Brazil, there are now almost 52 million credit card users. According to a survey by the Credit Protection Service (SPC Brazil). Of this total, almost half purchase at least once a month. One in five users uses their credit card as an extension of their own income, when they need to buy or pay for something, but they are out of money. Most say they do not know the monthly interest rate as they choose to pay the minimum of the invoice, which can be a risk as it reaches more than 300% per year.



With a specific purpose this type of line of credit is also very popular in Brazil. According to a survey by SPC Brasil in partnership with the National Confederation of Logistic Directors (CNDL), about 10% of Brazilians have made some kind of financing in the last 12 months. In the majority of cases, those who hired this type of credit wanted to buy a new car, to go to college or to realize the dream of own house.


Without the need for a specific purpose for the money, this mode of credit is offered and released by a bank or financial. In Brazil, among all the people who took some type of loan, 62.2% used personal loans at banks. According to a specific research by SPC Brazil, most consumers call for personal loans to pay off debts from other loans, credit cards and installments.


In all, Brazilians owe about R $ 24 billion in overdraft, according to data from the Brazilian Federation of Banks, and almost half of the people who use this line of credit resort to it every month. In most cases the money is used to cover unforeseen illnesses and to repay debts in arrears. Most people are unaware of the value of the interest charged on this type of operation, which offers an easy and unbureaucratic line of credit, which makes it easier to get involved in a snowball and get defaulted.


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Consolidation of Debt Wed, 03 Apr 2019 13:55:36 +0000


Low Interest Rates

Consolidating debts allows you to save a lot of money as you stop paying multiple interest. Imagine having to pay interest on top of each of your loans . By having only a portion or a loan you only have a single interest rate . And this is much lower than having to pay several installments monthly. More exposition at

Improvement in Score of your Score or Credit

Improvement in Score of your Score or Credit

Late payments and non-payment negatively impact your score . When you have multiple loans, the trend is to have problems managing these expenses. In that case, debt consolidation is the best option to keep your credit score intact. Having to pay only a single loan is easier and improves your score instantly.

Avoid collection calls

Avoid collection calls

Businesses and billing offices call, send emails, and sms whenever you fail to pay the installments. There is also a good chance of unpleasant visits by the agencies. Debt consolidation helps you avoid all that kind of stress and hassle.

Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction

With the existence of a single installment, interest rate and monthly payment and no collections links, it is not surprising that debt consolidation does decrease stress levels. This also helps you to work towards getting rid of your single debt.

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The Best Vehicle Refinancing Market Sun, 31 Mar 2019 14:33:40 +0000


To save on the time to buy a car the first thing you need to do is research on the best financing and refinancing vehicle . Understanding about interest, terms and financing modalities is key to getting a good deal. Some information needs to be clear so you do not take damage. for a critique

Know the type of car that best fits with your economic profile, know what is the best mode of financing so you can focus your negotiations on the price of the vehicle and not the financing and have a clear notion of your financial conditions avoiding getting stuck to a that does not fit in your budget.

Duration of the loan:

Many buyers opt for vehicle loans of five years or more. SerasaExperian notes that in the last quarter of 2012, the average duration of car loans was 65 months. That’s almost five and a half years! The advantage of a longer loan is that your payments will be lower. The downside is that throughout the financing the vehicle will suffer from depreciation and you will continue to pay for a car that no longer has the same market value.

Initial payment:

To buy a vehicle and ideally it is to make a planning with a certain advance. Saving at least 20% of the vehicle’s value to use as an entry can help you get a faster credit approval with more attractive interest rates. Another option is to use the value of selling your old car as an entrance ticket to your new vehicle, this operation is worth it because most of the time your used value exceeds the 20% mark of your old one and this causes you have a lower value to finance.

Now if you can not or can not save a sufficient amount to give as a sign and do not have a vehicle to sell, do not worry, not all financials require an input value, there is always a solution to your needs.

Credit Score: SCORE

Credit Score: SCORE

Your credit score, known as the “score,” will be used to help determine the interest rate you will pay. This rate fluctuates as you make use of the credit you are given, using credit wisely and paying your bills on time will help you get a higher score, however contrary to what most people think if you pay all your bills in cash, your bank account and even your credit cards, even if you have a good salary your score will always be low. The score is a score that the bank confers on its customers to determine what type of customer you are, if you do not relate to the bank, there is no way to know if you are a good or bad payer.

Vehicle Refinancing, How Does It Work?

Vehicle Refinancing, How Does It Work?

Did you know that your vehicle can be used as collateral for a bank loan ? The advantage of this procedure is that when you are willing to use a good as collateral for a loan, the bank understands that you intend to use the borrowed amount with utmost caution, this causes the interest rate of the transaction to fall considerably if compared to an unsecured loan. It is a great choice for those who need to get out of credit card interest, overdraft or for those who open their own business and need a quick cash and low interest.

In vehicle refinancing the bank grants up to 70% of the value of the vehicle by up to 48x for vehicles up to 15 years. It is a very safe and cheap operation, the contract conditions are the same as the normal loan, so this loan modality in recent years, according to Valor magazine, this mode has grown more than 15% in 2017. The car is the passion of the Brazilian is the companion of every day, to go to work or to walk with the families on weekends. Now it is also the real possibility of getting out of the high interest rates of conventional loans and of being financially organized.

Get a car loan with one of our representatives, without commitment, and 100% reliable. One of our experts will be willing to see the best option for you. VMACRED offers several solutions. Be sure to check out our latest post with tips on renovating and refinancing your property .


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What is the difference between online and bank loans? Mon, 04 Mar 2019 15:39:20 +0000 The technology, coupled with the high demand for loans, has brought a new way of contracting credit: online loans. As a result, competition has increased and now it is possible to find more competitive interest and less bureaucracy during the process.

Origin of the two loans

The difficulty of the banks to reach all regions of the country and the need for an infrastructure for the construction of the banking branches gave way to a new business: the banking correspondents.
Representing medium and large financial institutions, bank correspondents act as intermediaries in bank and financial credit proposals.
When a loan is made at the bank, the money comes from the institution itself. In most online loans, the money comes from the bank that this company represents. A correspondent can represent more than one institution and receives commissions on the value of each operation performed.
Online loans at correspondent banks try to be faster and easier to obtain than in banks.

How the loan works in the bank

Having defined the purpose of the loan, the conditions and financial situation to honor the agreement, one should go to the bank provided with the documents required for the entry of the loan application. CPFs, proof of income, proof of residence, and others are usually requested.
The bank will analyze and determine whether or not to approve the credit release. The conditions of the client are analyzed to pay the installments and if it is negative or not, among other questions.
If the credit is approved, the customer must go to the bank to sign the contract. Once this is done, the credit will be in the account within a few days, depending on the institution.
If you want to look for the best loan option for your profile, check out the IQ 360 Loan Simulator below:

How Online Lending Works

How Online Lending Works

The great advantage of the online loan is that everything is done on the internet, wherever you are and without excessive bureaucracy, getting all the information of the interest rates charged and the installments.
Any Brazilian citizen with more than 18 years, individual checking account and proof of residence can make the entire process of the loan online, from request, sending documents and approval.
Once the institution is established and its legitimacy and security verified, all data and documents are sent online for consumer credit analysis.
If approved, the money is quickly available in the applicant’s account. In some institutions this occurs within 24 hours.

The interest paid and the chances of being approved in each one

The interest paid and the chances of being approved in each one

The online loan is an option that has come to facilitate the way to acquire credit. With everything done by the internet quickly, easily and without bureaucracy. Simply search quickly to see the various loan options online.
Online personal credit draws the attention of people who need money urgently and who are negative as the chances of being approved on an online personal credit are greater. But this comes at a price: some sites charge very high interest rates.
It is therefore important to research the rates applied by each institution and their legitimacy, since criminals take advantage of the situation.
At banks, credit analysis is usually stricter, but good customers can get lower rates. If the person applies for credit at the bank where he already has an account, the institution already knows the client’s profile and can offer better conditions.
But the financial ones, because they do not know the customer, usually charge interest a little higher than the banks. Credit analysis depends on institution to institution, and negative people may have more difficulties to achieve.

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Loan for negatives: how it works and how to get it Tue, 12 Feb 2019 15:40:51 +0000

 The economic crisis and unemployment contributed to the indebtedness of the Brazilian. According to data from the Credit Protection Service (SPC Brazil) 62 million are negative, that is, with the “dirty name”. 

When you are down, it is very difficult to get an approved loan application, but there are some financial institutions that make loans available to those in this situation.

What is loan to negative?


Being with the dirty name means that the CPF is registered in organs of restriction of credit, like for example SPC and Serasa. This occurs when you stop paying any bills for any reason. When the name is negative, it becomes more difficult to obtain financing, loans and installment accounts.

Banks and commercial establishments consult the information registered in the credit restriction bodies. If the customer’s name is dirty, these establishments understand that he is not a good payer, and in order to avoid losses, they restrict the provision of services or fail to sell on time for defaulters. It is also harder to get loans and financing.

Except that it is precisely at this point in time that the negative most need credit to pay the bills and clear the name. Some financial institutions that do not consult with credit protection agencies (SPC / Serasa / CCF) offer personal credit to negatives, but it is important to consider some points before applying for the loan.

If you want to look for the best loan option for your profile, check out the IQ 360 Loan Simulator below:

Loan for negative, when to do?

Loan for negativado, when to do?

Before taking out a loan to negative, consult well the institutions, the applied interest and if you have conditions to pay the installments. Since interest rates are often high, a negative loan is an option for emergencies and immediate solutions.

Although not always so advantageous, when availing these lines of credit, it is possible to pay off debts and clear the name. Care should be taken not to get into debt even further.

It is important to look for loans with more benefits and lower values ​​and to carefully assess the portion that fits in the pocket. Just make a negotiation that you can maintain over time. It is also important to be aware of debt portability opportunity for banks with lower rates.

When not to make a negative loan

The loan to the debtor usually has very high interest rates. If you are not sure that you will be able to pay the installments, the loan is not a good option, as there are chances of getting even more debt.

In addition to financial planning because of high interest rates, it is important to take care not to fall into scams. Fraudulent companies usually require that an early deposit be made and disappear with the money.

Do not believe in tempting solutions and proposals without first being certified directly with the institution. Criminals identify themselves as serious institutions, so avoid responding to unknown e-mails.

Other options for negatives

Financial institutions are more cautious about releasing a loan for someone with the dirty name and end up making it difficult to approve personal credit. However, there are other credit options for negatives in the market.

Currently, three types of credit are available for negatives: payroll loans, real estate refinancing and vehicle refinancing.

  • Payroll loan

Retirees, pensioners and civil servants have the option of the payroll loan even if they are negative. In this case, the payment is deducted from the payroll or, in the case of retirees or pensioners, directly from the INSS benefit.

As banks and financiers are guaranteed payment, this type of loan usually has lower interest rates.

  • Refinancing of property

This modality of personal credit is destined to people who have own property and removed. In this case, the property enters as collateral in the loan. If you fail to pay the loan, the property can be taken by the bank.

Depending on the institution, you can get a loan of up to 60% of the value of the property. As if you have a guarantee, the value of the loan is usually higher and the interest lower than a loan for negative.

  • Vehicle Refinancing

Following the same line of real estate refinancing, vehicle refinancing uses as collateral a car or motorcycle, if these are removed.

The amount of the loan varies according to the institution, but will always be proportional to the value of the vehicle. So the newer the vehicle, the better the loan conditions.


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Real estate buyers need to think about these insurances Mon, 21 Jan 2019 11:59:18 +0000

As before, the real estate market continues to experience high demand. Many households want to use the low mortgage rates to finance homes cheaply. However, many prospective buyers, as well as potential builders, must confess that they are not very well versed in real estate and therefore do not know what is important when buying a property and what consequences it entails. 

Therefore, it is not uncommon that the topic of real estate insurance is often overlooked. However, some of these insurance companies are extremely important. For those who forget their financial statements or consciously do without them, there is a high financial risk involved. The following is an overview of real estate insurance, which you should definitely complete as the owner.

Building insurance

Building insurance

The building insurance protects the residential building against damage such as fire and thunderstorms. Just imagine, it comes to a lightning strike and there is no insurance cover: If the building is destroyed, this would mean for the owner with high probability financial ruin.

Landowner liability


Even if you explicitly forbid other people from entering the property, this protection is important. There are risks that are not to be underestimated even then. A good example is roof tiles that come off in a storm and cause damage to the neighboring property. As an owner you are liable, so you have to pay in case of emergency. If there is a landlord liability insurance, the costs are borne by the insurer.



A household contents insurance must not be missing – even if your own household is not worth much. This protection is very important, especially with regard to the water pipes. The insurance not only carries costs associated with damage to household effects. Repair costs for water pipes or even the drying of damp walls are covered by the insurance.


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How can I finance a mobile phone without payroll? Tue, 25 Dec 2018 14:55:58 +0000 A few years ago, mobile phone companies gave phones for free. At least, this was what it seemed. The truth is that we were charging these devices every month through convenient monthly payments and with our invoice domiciled. Luckily, we have been increasingly aware and now we know that it is possible to finance a mobile phone without payroll or any other type of requirement.
Financing a mobile phone has never been easier than it is today . We have a number of very large facilities: telephone companies, personal loans, second-hand mobiles, banks or entities that take charge of their collection, etc. Buying a mobile phone in installments has become the current reality for being more comfortable and simple.
Then we tell you everything you need to know to finance a mobile phone without payroll and without too many requirements.

Do you know the advantages of financing the purchase of your next mobile phone?

What is financing a mobile phone in installments?

It consists of paying a small amount of this electronic device every month until you can pay it in full- has more information. It is a very simple way to obtain the product that we crave. This type of financing is usually used especially when you want to buy devices such as the iPhone X , which usually ranges from 1,000 euros.
When a person needs to buy a phone financed by their work or, for the type of needs that you have when using it, you are aware that you must provide a monthly fee. Therefore, it already has an economic amount to finance them and be able to meet deadlines.

Is it possible to finance a mobile phone without payroll?

If possible. You just need to have enough money to cover the payment . If you do not comply with this requirement, they will probably withdraw the product, include you in the list of  defaulters or carry out a judicial proceeding.

3 ways to finance an online mobile

You can buy a mobile in installments in many ways. Although, the most known and reliable are these three that we are going to detail next. Once you know them you can choose which one convinces you the most depending on your personal situation.
Keep in mind that financing will depend on the type of mobile you buy . The more expensive you can set terms with a lower fee or, if you can, set fewer periods with a higher economic amount. Not all people can pay this amount at once. So this will be an advantage for your pocket.

Telephone company

Telephone company

The majority of telephone entities provide facilities to obtain the total payment of an electronic device . You can get any type of mobile that is in your catalog and even, many times, you will make some financial offer.
What is the drawback of this type of financing? Normally the company will require you to sign a contract with them of at least two years. In this way you guarantee to report a recurring economic income during those 24 months. In return, you can pay for the phone.

Financing of banks or large surfaces

There are companies located in large areas or banks that allow their customers to obtain a mobile device among several models . They usually have a catalog of products, which they offer to everyone with a relatively low interest rate . In addition, they allow payment in installments.
What is the inconvenience? It is advisable to read the fine print of this type of contract, as it may not be as simple as it seems. In many occasions they charge more commissions than they seem or they demand some type of purchase or requirement, as a client.

Credit card

If you have a credit card, you can pay an amount each month. This type of financing has a notable advantage, which you can pay without having to take the money into account. The negative part is that you should always face the payment when appropriate. It will depend on the date you have established in the contract.
It is convenient that you always pay the money in the stipulated time or, you can not continue making the monthly payment of the electronic device.

Personal loans

Personal loans

The online loans are a very easy way to get funding for your mobile phone. You can have up to 750 euros in less than 24 hours if you want to pay for the entire device in a moment or, if this is the case, you pay half . It is a very easy and fast way to obtain an economic amount and, you will not need payment in installments.
This money you return comfortably in 30 days. For example, if the mobile you wanted so much and you’re at the end of the month has appeared in the technology market, you can request an urgent loan with Don This way you can buy it at the moment and, when you pay, return the total amount.

Where can you finance a free mobile?

Where can you finance a free mobile?

Many people have asked us this question. The truth is that you can finance a free mobile with Don, with a credit card or with a large surface. It will not be easy to buy a free mobile in installments with a telephone company, or with a bank, because they are usually linked to a few months of contract with a certain company.

Why should buy financed phones?

Why should buy financed phones?

In Spain, more and more people are choosing to join this modality of mobile financing. It turns out that it is a quick, easy process that allows you to enjoy the device with which you have dreamed so much without needing to have the money in the moment.
Therefore, it offers the advantage of paying a small amount every month , enjoying all the mobile applications and having the latest updates. Thanks to financing for electronic devices you will always have the latest model of the market and you will never be behind.
We all know that technology is constantly renewing and changing . So if you are thinking about buying a new mobile phone we encourage you to hire a quick microcredit with Don This way you can make the first payment without having to wait.

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